A Word from the Principal


Welcome to Mater Salvatoris,

None of us knows, when God entrusts us with a girl, if she will be a leader that will make history in our world, but, in Mater Salvatoris, we want to form her so she can be able to be so.

We want to help each girl to grow with confidence and freedom, to know that God thinks about them and loves them; And that she is called to a concrete mission, to make a difference in the people and to all the society. For it, we will not spare efforts until we obtain the total blossom of all her qualities, the integral development of her personality, her academic excellence and, above all, her training for a successful life.

To this end, not only we count with the help of a great team of nuns, teachers, parents of family, etc., but, first of all, with the aid of the supreme Teacher and of His Mother, Virgin Mater Salvatoris.


To Her we entrust this journey especially to those of you who might be taking the first step.


Sister Marta Tiagonce, C.S.