About Us

The Mater Salvatoris is a private Catholic school for girls, run by the nuns of the Company of the Saviour.

Our vision of the education is to accompany and promote the integral development of each girl, daughter of God and possible leader of future society.For that reason, we search to promote, under the light of faith, her academic, personal and social life.

In a privileged environment and with direct contact with nature, the students can complete all the educative stages:Initial education since two years old, Primary Basic Education and General Average Education.In the academic area, the graduated student obtains the Title of Baccalaureate, apt to access any type of university studies, in both experimental and human sciences areas.In this way, the school Mater Salvatoris provides to the families an education of quality that allows each one of their daughters to successfully deal with the challenges of the 21st Century society.

This integral formation is only possible thanks to the constant dedication of the nuns and teachers.They, in close collaboration with the families, teach the children the hard art of living and wake up in them the desire of building a fairer society.

The years you live at Mater Salvatoris leave an especial mark in you. They are ” the most happy years of our lifes” as in those days great friendships are forged for the rest of our lifes.