Stage of education in high school 12 to 18 years

Adolescence is a stage of great neuronal development and has a transcendental importance for the students, since the future women will have their foundations in these years. Therefore our priority as a school is to fortify their affective capacity, to develop their critical spirit to know how to make suitable decisions, to start assuming the responsibilities and consequences of their actions and, based upon it, to choose their own way in life.

We know that these are not easy years, for which we give all the support that our students need to discover their professional projection of the future and to learn to handle the restlessness that they have as adolescents. The department of orientation, the nuns and the guiding teacher have an important role in these years.

            Our own methodology seeks to develop the enterprising spirit, with responsibilities and situations that they must learn to handle with autonomy and in teams. We always try that they develop their personal initiative, their capacity to “learn to learn”, to plan and to make decisions. The subjects are distributed with professional rigour, preparing our students for the college world that soon is going to receive them.

Based on the interests of the students, the School Mater Salvatoris offers them both the humanistica and scientific approaches. The first one qualify them to like the constituent aspects of history and culture. They are educated to appreciate and understand art in all its manifestations. The scientific branch seeks that the students acquire integrated scientific knowledge in different disciplines; so they know to identify the laws and the problems in the diverse fields of the knowledge in an integrated way.

The second language is a transcendental necessity since many of our students enter anglophone universities. For it, in Baccalaureate the objective is to consolidate the bilingualism that has been developed in the previous years.In addition, to widen more the horizon of our students, we offer them a third language: French.