Company of the Saviour

The Company of the Saviour (Compañía del Salvador) is a Religious Institute of pontifical right, which was founded in 1952 by Mother María Félix Torres.

The Company of the Saviour lives the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola and its motto is  The  “A Mayor Gloria de Dios” (“To the Greater Glory of God”). Imitating Christ and united with Him, the nuns consecrate their life to the love and adoration of God and to the fulfilment of His will.This way they collaborate to the salvation and sanctification of the human kind, work done by Jesus Christ.

Thus, the specific mission of the Company of the Saviour is the Christian education of girls and young women all over the world,  which it undertakes in its own educational centres.

An essential characteristic of the Institute is love to the Church and the Holy Father, to whom the nuns are united with a fourth vow of particular obedience and filial adhesion.

Today, almost 7,000 students are educated at any of the Mater Salvatoris Schools.