Extra-curricular activities


Extra-curricular activities, whether sporting or artistic, encourage and complement our students’ overall development.

The Extra-curricular activities will be organized and supervised by the E Cultural and Sporsts Association of the School Mater Salvatoris. These activities are carried out after the school day in the facilities of the school.

The Association will look after the satisfaction of the activities’ demands of the students.To that effect, they will evaluate the requests and will make the arrangements necessary to implement them. Me anex the information concerning the Extra-curricular activities of this academic year: Actividades extracurriculares curso 2017 – 2018

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To this end, Mater Salvatoris School offers a range of activities which turn leisure time into a creative space for personal enjoyment, through learning different skills.

At the end of morning lessons, students have an area where they are free to do the following activities:

  • Volleyball +
    Thanks to this sport the students learn how to work in a team, they develop their sportive abilities and learn how to compete with other schools. Many of the students start volleyball in 1º grade and never leave their passion for this sport. 
  • Artistic gymnastics +
    Allows personal expressive abilities to develop. Our students from the age of 5 can initiate in this fascinating gymnastic world. The artistic gymnastics is considered one of the fundamental sports that develops basic human skills and abilities.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics +
    The Rhythmic gymnastics is a sportive discipline that combines gymnastic, dance and ballet while carrying out rhythmic movements. All this movements are made to the sound of music and with the help of pieces of equipment such as ropes, hoops, balls, clubs and ribbons.
Off the clock, the Shcool offers different activities, some of them given in Spanish and some others in English, so that second language immersion takes place in a fun and creative manner.

  • Bagpipes groupand (“Gaitas”) +
     La “Gaita Zuliana” is a musical gender from the Zulian State in Venezuela. This musical style is related to Christmas. Our students take part in inter-school festivals around christmas. This musical style includes instruments, singing and dancing. For 8 months the chosen students will be preparing there performance. It is a great pleasure to see our students perform so well in those sceneries.
  • The MUN +
     Mater Salvatoris Model United Nations (MSMUN) is an activity that simulates the United Nations Platform and looks forward to create a conscience in the now a days youth, in an ambient were values and aptitudes such as: tolerance, dialogue, respect and knowledge of the actual realities of the world. They develop themselves both academically and personally. At the same time it provides the youth with the abilities they will be needing to accomplish with excellence their future . To know more you can contact us in our web:  http://matersalvatorismun.wixsite.com/msmun-
  • Dance +
    From 3rd grade, the Mater Salvatoris students can learn different choreographies and dances in this extra curricular activity. It is very popular in the school and many students have enjoyed themselves as well as developing attitudes such as: beauty, harmony, balance, teamwork and effort.
  • Theatre +
     From 3rd grade, the Mater Salvatoris students interested in the theatre have the possibility of being part of this extra curricular activity. The drama workshop aims to develop students’ expressive and creative potential. During the year they prepare for the stage a play. If you like to perform this is the best way of learning from little at School. 
  • Crafts +
    The students from 5th and 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in a very complete activity called crafts. They not only do crafts, but also they cook. At the same time they have spiritual formation, games to learn how to have a good time as well as learning more about Jesus with fun things. It is the best way of spending your friday afternoon.
At the end of morning lessons, students have an area where they are free to do the following activities:

  • Spanish university entrance examination “Selectividad” +
    The globalized world we live at demands of our students that are willing to make their university studies in Spain to prepare them for the Spanish university entrance examination, called “selectividad”. This spanish university entrance examination is needed to study in most of universities at that country. In collaboration with an academy named “Retos” we try hard to prepare those students for their future with the best teachers and resources in our hand. And all this at our own School using our own facilities and faculties.
    Many of our students are willing to study abroad at USA and anglo saxon speaking countries, that is way the School offers them the possibility of preparing for the exams required to do so, such as:   TOEFL, SAT, IELTS.  As well as “Selectividad”, these exams are prepared by the academy called “Retos” in collaboration with the School. They take place as long as the minimum number is reached.