Educational model

The student: she is the great protagonist. 

The School is set out as the ideal place to develop in the student the following characteristics:

In the being:Actively implicated in her own maturation, the student of Mater Salvatoris distinguishes herself by her responsibility, in relation with her own learning and with the elaboration of a personal project of life. This project defines her own hierarchy of loves and values, ordered according to the Gospel de Jesus Christ and to the defence and dignity of the human person. Finally, the love to the Virgin “Mater Salvatoris” is a key characteristic of the students of the Mater, to whom they consider their Mother and model of woman.

In the knowledge: the students develop in the School the passion to learn. The likeness for the culture, the capacity of investigation, the critical and creative senses and the desire of constant improvement prepares them to successfully face the superior studies anywhere in the world.

In the living: In the Mater Salvatoris, they not only learn in the classrooms, but, mainly, in the daily living. In it, it is forged the person who will be each girl: a woman who will be generous; self-critical; lover of the challenges; able to make efforts; lover of life, peace and freedom; tireless in the dedication to others; faithful in the friendship; opened to all the human and Christian values and in constant process of integral growth.

The teacher: guidance towards the goal. 
Properly enabled and in a process of permanent formation, the teacher is the one who guides the way of our students so that they obtain their goal. They are in direct contact with them. For that reason, besides of instructing them, they also form them. Their example is decisive, as a model of personal exigency, oriented towards the achievement of excellence in the own activity.

These are the characteristic of our teachers and professors: They are permanently updated in  curricular and pedagogical issues; the adhesion to the methodology of the school, along with the creativity and personal contribution in its application; the implication in the total accomplishment of the objectives for each student, without avoiding any effort to bring out the best of them, and the emphasis in the fundamental ethical values, according to the philosophy of the School Mater Salvatoris.

In addition, the students count on the irreplaceable support of a master teacher. The Mater teacher is the one in charge of ensuring the whole educative process. Each student has her respective master teacher, who will take care of the adequate performance of their classroom and will help to bring out the best of each student, accompanying, orienting, recommending guidelines in close collaboration with her parents.

The family: fist and main educator. 
The family is the first and main educator of each girl, the environment of love, understanding and security in which each one has her place. Aware of this, in the School we have assumed a subsidiary mission, in constant collaboration with parents and representatives. 

On the other hand, Ed we know that the students are going to spend in the School the most important years of their formation and first socialization. For that reason, we commit ourselves in providing them with an integral formation: intellectual, human and spiritual, which cultivates all the areas of their personality. Thus, the School is constituted as a prolongation of the action of the family. 

In order to obtain this objective, the commitment of the parents of the girls is irreplaceable. They will remember that the love does not consist only in giving things to their daughters, but, mainly, in helping them to grow. On this basis, it is essential their affection, their sincere and trusting dialogue with their daughters, their attention to their concerns and aspirations, their preoccupation to know their friendships and their commitment to establish a conduct code.

” A School that prolongs the ecutative action of the family”. 

God: the One that gives  sense to our life and society. 
Youth is the most beautiful time of life, because it is the stage of personal discovery of reality. As she is growing in every knowledge, the student faces a double challenge: the one of reaching an integral understanding of the reality and the one of giving a destiny to her capacity of personal commitment.  It is the moment of her life project.

This project, exciting and personal like no other, only reaches its true extent if it is oriented from God. Rooted in their catholic faith, in their conscience of being definitely loved by God and called by Him for mission in the society, the students of Mater Salvatoris do not project their life in the emptiness, but within the framework of an incomparable horizon: the one of the reality in all its depth and fullness.

Because of this, the religious formation is the fundamental transversal axis of our educative model. God The School seeks to facilitate to each member of the educative community the personal encounter with Jesus Christ and the Church, so that it transforms their life, filling it with sense, and so they can be the ferment of a more human and Christian society.

The environment: Everything counts. 
About the people, nothing can be indifferent. Everything that surrounds us in the school helps the learning. For it, in the Mater Salvatoris, we look for: 

A climate of cordiality in all educative community,  that favours the attention to the diversity of cultures, peoples and attributions, in a process that promotes the search of the common good.

An attention to social problems and necessities. To educate is to forge the possible leaders of tomorrow. That’s why, in the Mater Salvatoris, we stir in our students the sensitivity towards the human dignity and the necessities of the most marginalized classes. Thus they will be able to assume, in attitude of service, the reality of their surroundings and to make a significant contribution to the society.

A privileged space and natural surroundings. For the harmonic and balanced growth of our students, it it important the contact with nature.The parks, gardens, yards, sport zones and activities, etc., all is directed to promote a personal and community improvement.