English project


We live in a globalized world where English has transcended its natural boundaries and become not only a vehicle for communication, but a tool of study and work.

Today, proficiency in English is essential. At a time when borders are becoming a thing of the past, Mater Salvatoris School equips its students for developing their aptitudes in a society where the pursuit of higher learning abroad is an ever more frequent option. There are also many students who opt for a bilingual degree, there being no language barrier for them when it comes to choosing a course, and indeed when they embark on their careers.

At Mater Salvatoris, English is more than a language. Our students learn grammatical structures and vocabulary but, yet the main aim is for this knowledge to enable them to gain insight into the history and culture of English-speaking countries. At the same time, an exploration of the customs, cuisine, folklore, literature, geography and the political and financial landscape of Anglo-Saxon cultures helps our students acquire a mastery of the language and an understanding of the people.

In Primary School, we continue to make progress in learning English. In addition to daily Language classes, Natural and Social Science are taught in English to help students acquire this second language naturally and spontaneously.