The School Mater Salvatoris is surrounded by beautiful gardens which provide a peaceful sensation in th emiddle of the city of Caracas. Contact with nature makes the school a very special place for our students.

Because of its privileged surroundings, it is an ideal place to conduct the Educative Project, and has various appropriate facilities for its development:

  •        Secretariat and Administration building
  •        Initial Education building
  •        Primary Education building
  •        General Average Education building
  •        Offices of psycho-pedagogical support and orientation
  •        Educative games rooms
  •        Multi-sport field outdoors
  •        Olympic gymnasium
  •        Gymnasium of rhythmical
  •        Gymnasium of artistic
  •        2 swimming pools
  •        Ample gardens
  •        2 parks of recreation
  •        2 yards of recreation
  •        Auditorium
  •        Room for multiple uses
  •        Computer room
  •        Audiovisual room
  •        Visual Arts room
  •        Music room
  •        Physics Laboratories
  •        Chemistry Laboratories
  •        Biology Laboratories
  •        3 Libraries and a Study Room
  •        3 Chapels