Initial education, from 2 to 5 years

In the Mater Salvatoris, we are convinced that this stage is crucial in the life of our students. Here they are going to to lay the foundations of all the learning, behaviour, abilities, interests, strategies, etc. for the future. They are right in the phase in which they begin to relate everything that it is explained to them and get to form a global thought. But they cannot do this by themselves, they have to be oriented and guided in this process.

That is why in Initial Education the girls have moments to discover, by themselves, their interests, meaning that, in the indicated times, they can choose what to play, in what to entertain themselves, what to find out, thanks to the areas. Simultaneously, they get a more guided and organized learning, following our own methodology proven good by many years of experience. In the Mater Salvatoris, we are convinced that the two approaches to the learning must go together and not exclude the one from the other.

Our methodology does not spare any material resources to make easier the learning. The  particular material, because it is tangible and sensorial, stimulates the interest in the girls, who learns playing and wishes to know more. Thus we develop the logical thinking and prepare the way for the abstract thinking. For this, it is fundamental to develop the language and the capacity to logically express and to expose the ideas and subjects.

Conscious of the importance of the languages in a global society,  the Mater Salvatoris bets for English proficiency. Since these first years, our students have daily English classes and they become accustomed to the conversation in this language. The School is implementing a project to extend the education of the English to other matters that will be taught in this language.

In a world where the children have less and less ample spaces to run, we encourage all motro development. We do it through games, gymnastics, rhythmic and special sessions of psychomotor education. For it, we count with our own gym and two parks of swings, slides, etc., one for the smallest ones of 2 and 3 years and other for those of 4 and 5 years.