Colegio Mater Salvatoris Caracas.
Calle Cerro Quintero. Urb. Las Mercedes. Caracas

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The Private Educative Unit School Mater Salvatoris is located in the Mercedes neighbourhood, Baruta Municipality, Miranda State.It has access by the Baruta street, the Jalisco street and the avenueMain of Mercedes.It’s an urban area, of commercial-residential character, characterized by sets single-family and multi-family houses.

The students are from this area and other neighbourhoods of the city.They use the public transport and the familiar car.

The relation of the families with the School is of collaboration and participation in the educative projects and of acceptance of the regime and dispositions, showing satisfaction for the achievements obtained and esteem to the educational, administrative and working personnel.

The School wishes to maintain a harmonic and cooperative relation with the adjacent Community.For it, it collaborates with the Communal Council to coexist and to help each other mutually.Also, it establishes relations with the near educative institutions and the Police of Baruta, mainly as for the transit and for special activities.