Educative Boards and APREMATER


The Educative Boards and the Association of Parents and Representantives “Apremater” integrates the totality of parents and representatives of the School and cooperates in the improvement of the educative process. It promotes humanistic, cultural, social, welfare, sport and recreational activities, that will contribute to the development and consolidation of the educative process and to the integration from the parents to the establishment and of this one to the local Community.The Association is presided over by a Board of directors, constituted by a president, a treasurer, a secretary and two spokespersons.


Between them armony and a high educational quality is attained. All of them have a great impact in the learning of our students. That is why the Educative Boards and Apremater, help considerably to the good progress of the school One of its duties, establish by the Ministry of Education is to promulgate the communal agreements, that we include:


To contact Apremater you can send an email to: