Primary education of 6 to 12 years

These years are those to sow the seeds that will be harvested later. Little by little, our students are gaining in autonomy and control of their body, as well as a more logical and structured thinking and in an settlement of the habits that they began to learn in the previous stage.

            In the Mater Salvatoris these years we teach them to develop the necessary virtues for the individual and in teams work: To learn to study, comprehend, be constant and work with neatness and care. This helps them to strengthen the confidence in themselves, get critical sense, initiative, interest to learn, creativity and logic. Mainly, these are the years in which the personality of our students is formed, which deserves all our attention, dedication and effort.


Our own methodology counts with tools that consolidate the learning and the academic skills: oral exhibitions, fairs of sciences, theatre acts and significant experiences on the basis of the given knowledge. In it, it is very important the reading ,  text understanding, enjoy books and be able to take advantage of the library. Also, the new technologies are an incredible aid for the learning of sciences, languages and mathematics through presentations, games, playful and very educative activities.

In this stage we continue taking good care  of the acquisition of English as a second language to help them in this world, more and more global. Every day of the week they have a minimum of one session of English in which everything is developed in that language.

The sport is a great necessity in these ages, since it facilitates the complete development of our students. To promote the unfolding of their sport potential, the students can use a field and three specific yards.