13 years at Mater Salvatoris! From “fourthies” to the 3rd year of BUP… 13 years of fantastic memories and teaching! Memories in which teachers, friends and activities all mix together… Teachers and Nuns trying to get the best out of us and preparing us lovingly for our future lives; friends… what can I say about friends!!! I found my best friends here… and thousands of memories of lessons, dances, Choir, Ireland… even of the dining room and a Jane Fonda-style aerobics lesson which we absolutely threw ourselves into to get ready for summer! And great teaching… not only academic but also about the big values still present in my life: Effort, discipline, perseverance, the love of God, humility, respect and joy. At Mater I learnt to be happy and to try to make others happy. Thanks to preparation by the school, I received a wonderful Selectividad grade which allowed me to go to the School of Telecommunication Engineering, recover from my “first failures”, graduate, tackle the demanding world of work and overcome all the professional challenges which have presented themselves: Develop projects for the European Space Agency, put up mobile phone masts in London, work as a Research Associate at Harvard Business School and in strategy at Indra, give classes at ICAI School of Engineering, Nebrija University, Alfonso X El Sabio University… and to combine all this with a wonderful family life. I am grateful to my parents for choosing Mater Salvatoris and I have wanted to give my daughters the same gift. All four have passed through the School and it is exciting to experience each step forward as they do, which also seem so familiar. Their first day of school with their name badges, “teacher’s pets”, snack time, the little rules, changing blocks, First Communion with Father Serafín!!! It’s also admirable to see the School’s modernisation, the girls have email and do Drama, they prepare presentations using Prezi and present in English, they investigate for their Project Based Learning tasks and put all the information on Classroom… Tradition and values adapted to new technological challenges and to today’s globalised world. What better preparation could you have! I am full of pride to be “from Mater”. Thank you! Rosario Martínez de Albornoz, left in 1991.

I left the School a long time ago and I now live in another country, but this has only strengthened the values that Mater Salvatoris passed on to me in its day without me realising. When I decided which university course to do, in my first job, when I met my husband and now that I am bringing up my own children. I always feel a special sense of security, whether I am living in Madrid, London or Africa. A security which allows me to try to do things well and always keep God in the foreground. I also want to say that Mater really unites people! I have had the chance to live abroad and I have almost always come across an ex-student from Mater! Now, for example, I live in London and a Mater alumna is preparing my oldest daughter for her First Communion! This gives me a great sense of peace: she will teach her the same things in the same way I was told them back in the day!! Thank you very much Mater Salvatoris School! Pilar Seoánez, left in 1995.

Mater Salvatoris has been very important to me and I will always keep in touch: it is my second family. From school years, I have taken away countless anecdotes but above all lots of happy moments, many friends and a really important element: my Catholic faith. Thanks to the School, I am the person I am, I have the faith I have and the values I carry with me. In my opinion, it is much more than a Catholic school. That is, it has not just stopped there, it has gone much further in educating its students in the faith. For me, the most important thing has been the great opportunity I have had in getting to know the Marian Congregation and its ministries and I feel really proud to be a part of it. So, when I think about the School, I just feel such gratitude, firstly towards my parents for choosing this School for me. Because thanks to them I have friends who have made me learn the meaning and significance of a true friendship, I have values, I have faith in God and intellectual training which has allowed me to do a university course. Secondly, gratitude towards all those who work at the School, both teachers and support staff, who have looked after us, shaped us and taught us. Ultimately, it has been an unbeatable time in my life which I will always remember with great nostalgia, but with the certainty that we can always return and we will always be warmly welcomed at any time. María Garrido, left in 2015.

I joined Mater when I was only three. For me the School has been much more than just a school, it has been the place where I have grown, not only in knowledge but also as a person. It has also been my second home and all the teachers, Sisters and support staff have been my second family. Ultimately, a place where I have always felt loved and supported, and this is reflected in the fact that although I am no longer a student, I still visit the School almost as often as when I was. The great gifts I have taken away from the School are, firstly and most importantly for me, my relationship with God and my spiritual training. I personally believe that what makes Mater special and what makes it different from other schools is that it educates within a framework of faith, love, service and dedication. Not only are they devoted to educating people so that they have great knowledge, but also to shaping people able to love, be dedicated as they go about their everyday lives and serve others. Secondly, a great academic education which has meant I am able to undertake the university course that I’m doing. And finally, some great friendships which I know I will keep for life and which are really a result of the values I have had instilled. I can truly say that as well as to my family, I owe everything to my School, which has allowed me to enjoy and learn during my student years and has given me a place to which I will always be able to return and where I will always feel welcomed and loved. Beatriz Martínez de Bedoya, left in 2015.

When I left the School, I wasn’t conscious of the great academic and human training that both the Sisters and the teaching staff had given me during my school career. This is now my fourth year studying Dentistry at King Juan Carlos University. During these years of university, I have realised that my perseverance and thirst for knowledge come from the example I was given by all the teachers at the School. Because of the care they offer to each student, I learnt to want to do things well. During my degree course, I have been very grateful for the high level of the Sciences course, as I have had to study a lot of Biology and some Chemistry: without good foundations, it would have been more difficult for me to pass these subjects. When I think about the School, I also feel huge gratitude for the spirituality in which we grew and were educated. Thanks to this, I am able to offer up my day every morning, give thanks to God, pray about the subjects I find hardest… And, above all, I am grateful for being able to be happy because Mater taught me what it is to have a beautiful and full life. María Raldúa, left in 2011.

What does having studied at Mater Salvatoris School mean to me? It’s easy to express in a word: gratitude. Every time I return to the School, something I fortunately do often (I was even married in the Baccalaureate Chapel!!), I feel that I am coming home, where my second great family awaits me and where I relive so many emotions I enjoyed as a girl. Without doubt, all my memories of my time as a student at the School are positive. Although a good few years have now passed, and I have evidently completed my professional training at university and work, I will always carry with me the concept of work which is well done, the learning methodology, the team spirit and the friendship. Mater gives you character! In addition, my parents didn’t only choose a School in which I could grow as a person and professionally, but also, principally, grow in my faith in Jesus Christ and Our Mother Mary. Now I am grateful to my parents and the whole School Community for having given me an excellent education both as a person and academically, with which I have always tried to tackle all situations in life. Rafaela de la Brena, left in 1992.