The backbone of the Mater Salvatoris school is its students. Since its foundation, thousands have passed through our classrooms. In this section, they tell us what the School and being a “Mater girl” has meant to them. If you are an alumni and want to send your testimony, do so to the email: caracas.colegio@matersalvatoris.org sending your name, your promotion, your short testimony and a current photo.


“The School is the foundation on which we build the rest of our path.”

“My experience at the School is one of the most beautiful memories I have of my childhood (and adolescence) and especially of my years in Venezuela. I firmly believe that the foundations created at school are those that allow us to reach wherever we want. It is a perfect combination between an academic education of the highest level and demand with a religious and moral formation that accompanies us for the rest of our lives. Our friends and classmates at school become adoptive sisters who, although sometimes we do not Let’s see it for a long time, we will always have a very special connection that is our Mater Salvatoris School and our Virgin of the School.”


“The Blessed Mother has been the reason, basis and foundation of what I am today and what I will be”

“My school is the tireless voice in my head that tells me that I am a woman of integrity and, as such, I must have great ideals, aim high. Because every goal can be achieved with effort and the grace of God. My school tells me It makes me want to be better every day and do more, both in quantity and quality. It taught me to have hobbies that nourish the soul. It made me sensitive to the realities of the world. The saddest scenarios were shown to me with kind eyes so that they would not cause scandal, but that they made me sensitive and determined to do something to remedy the suffering of others. He taught me that there are no half things: what you start is finished; an engineer calculates well and writes correctly; it is all up to God and the Virgin, in everything and for everything, not in certain circumstances. My school taught me about the joy behind triumphs and defeats. It taught me that you can be happy even in sadness because the tears dry up, but hope It remains. He taught me to waste smiles and save on lawsuits. Together with the Marian Congregation, among many things, I shared the love of nature and admiration for the good that man has done and what God has done. He taught me to respect and pray at least 3 Hail Marys every day before going to sleep. All this took away my fear of challenges, encouraged me to successfully complete my degree in Chemical Engineering and then the Master in Renewable Energies in Germany and France. It prepared me for a job market that increasingly demands more personal skills and not just technical ones. It has motivated me to get to know the world, learn many languages to get closer and understand people. It would be difficult to answer, what didn’t the Blessed Mother give me?”


“The Blessed Mother has taught me to be careful in all the work I do, doing everything with passion and dedication.”

“Despite having graduated a few years ago, every time I think about my school I want to return. My school made me who I am. It gave me excellent tools to be a good university student, it taught me virtues to be an excellent person. The Mater It gave me friends that I will keep for life and whom I can count on even if we are miles apart. I have incredible memories of my years at school that will be with me forever. The most important thing is that it gave me a bond with God and the Virgin unbreakable and for this I will be eternally grateful.”


“The Blessed Mother marked my life.”

“From the way I write, to the work ethic that my school instilled in me, the Mater marked my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. At my school I found a family in which I could trust, values that define my day by day and a way of living life that no other place has taught me. My love for my religion and my daily reminder to always act For the Greater Glory of God is a fruit of the training that my school offered me; and the opportunities that I have had would not have been possible without the tools that the school makes sure to teach each of its students. Thanks to the Mater I have the goals, both academic and personal, that I have. Thanks to the Mater I am the person I am.”


“I was able to enjoy the Mater like no one else.”

“Every day I am grateful that I was able to enjoy the Mater like no one else, I was an athlete, from the student center, from the MUN, guitarist, congressman, delegate, best friend in the classroom, mater girl, bagpiper and everything in which one could participate , I signed up. But there was something beyond simply participating. I felt good and as a family doing it with all my classmates. For me, school was not a second home, it was my home. The Mater, in addition to preparing me with the best bases of knowledge of various sciences, whether social or scientific, made me open my eyes and really look at what is around me, to see what many are not capable of and above all, to be sensitive to the world. With all the advances and disasters that have happened, it seems normal that although we are human, we do not act like one; however, the school made me see that it is possible, that it is the most difficult path, but it is the one that is worth it. It is true that many go through and do not feel , nor do they experience school like I did, and it is also normal, but thanks to school I got to know the greatest and most important thing that I have in my life: God and the Virgin. He also gave me the best promotion colleagues that anyone could ask for, and although the vast majority of us are scattered around the world, the friendship that unites us is one of those that does not matter time, distance, or anything, because something united us that It has no end.”


“Studying at the Mater has been one of the best experiences of my life.”

“It was the place where I met some of my great friends, where they gave me the opportunity to live incredible spiritual experiences such as the World Days with the Pope and the Camino de Santiago, and it is a place that to this day I consider one of my homes. Despite the distance and time, I know that my school will always have its doors open for me. Thanks to the values that were instilled in me at school, I have been able to excel both in my studies and in my professional life in outside. And that is why I will always be grateful to my teachers and the school mothers. Despite having graduated a few years ago, the pride I feel in having studied at Mater Salvatoris remains the same, and I will always have things good things to say about my school.”


“The Mater is the place where you acquire the necessary knowledge to face life.”

“Thanks to my Mater Salvatoris school I have managed to have a high-level academic and religious training, which, together with the teachings from my home, have allowed me to be an excellent professional and at the same time start a family. Beyond the knowledge that I learned at school, there I made my true friends, those who accompany me today. There I lived unforgettable experiences full of many feelings that helped me grow and become the person I am today. Definitely the Mater Salvatoris For me it is the best school.”


“My happy place”

“Once at work, a patient told me that you could tell it was from the Mater: things were underlined, and especially by the handwriting…and when someone manages to recognize you from your school, it gives a very pleasant feeling. But It is even better when it is not only your handwriting, or your notebooks organized with titles and full of colors, but because of that particular affection towards the Virgin that we learn from childhood. It is true that in my house I learned to pray, but that closeness to the I learned her as Virgin at school. Thanks to the Mater, I consider that all the values that come from home took root; our education is not simply academic, it goes beyond. Once a year they name a “Mater girl” from each classroom, but at In the end, all of us who leave school are. The school gave me many friends, who today, although separated for different reasons and in different places, remain united thanks to the school and our Virgin Mater Salvatoris.”


“My favorite place.”

“El Mater has always been my favorite place because I grew up there and shaped my personality. There I learned to read and write with the round handwriting that I still have, I practiced my favorite sport, I got to know my country through the many walks and trips we took with the nuns, and I met my best friends with whom I shared joys and hopes, adventures and misadventures as Don Quixote would say. The Mater was the place that saw me grow and I grew up. As the years passed years, I was approaching adolescence and he was trading houses for beautiful buildings. We both grew up together until we became what we are today. My Cole was and will always be my favorite place and that’s why I came back and I’m still there.”


“It’s a pride to be a Mater girl!”

“When I graduated from school I was aware of everything that the Mater had given me. When I look back after each achievement, I realize that the school has given me a toolbox that accompanies me in each of the aspects of my life and at every stage. A box full of values, friendships, academic training, but also human and spiritual. It is this training that differentiates us as “mater girls”. In the university, in the work field, even When I change countries, I take with me these tools that help me to seek more, to seek excellence, to take care of the details, to have God present in every moment, to “love and serve in everything”… I will not tire of thanking my school for everything it has taught me and what it continues to give me through the Marian Congregation.”


“For me, school was 15 years in which I learned to be better every day”

“Thanks to the Mater I am the woman I am today, with the values and characteristics of a Mater girl that differentiate us from the rest. Discipline, camaraderie, respect for others, teamwork, tolerance and love for the Virgin, are just one of those characteristics that anyone who has not studied at the Mater admires in us. For me, having studied at the Mater is a blessing that I would not change for anything, I feel like a very lucky person to have received the education that the school offers; as well as very proud to be able to say that I graduated from the Mater. If someone asked me which school they should put their daughter in, without thinking I would tell them that the Mater Salvatoris.”


“They trained me so that wherever I go I defend my ideals and to have arguments to defend them”

“For me, Mater Salvatoris School has been a second home, there I learned that “Whoever has God, nothing is missing, only God is enough”, they trained me so that wherever I go I defend my ideals and have arguments to defend them. Thank you To the School, which gave me my first academic education, I have managed to develop and achieve many goals at a professional level. Having good foundations in my academic training, added to a deep love for the Virgin, largely makes me who I am. At school I grew up with girls with a big heart, who are now sisters and I have gained a family (The Marian Congregation) that no matter how long we have not seen each other, we are always there to support each other.”


“Values, principles and friendships forever”

“Everything I learned at the Mater marked my life forever. Today I am blessed to have a family and I try to put into practice everything they taught me. I learned with Mother Baró that in marriage three : Woman, man and God. I always have God present in my family and the Blessed Virgin as an example to follow as a mother and wife. Just as I learned it at school, I teach it to my children. I love my school and I will always be there grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to study there.”